Google to hire video game programmer for YouTube

first_imgGoogle is looking to hire a game console software engineer, but the company isn’t looking to publish video games. Instead, it needs a programmer who can develop an interface which will allow viewers on consoles to watch YouTube content. Google gives the following description for the position.As part of our team you’ll be working as a Software Engineer developing the next generation game console. You will have an opportunity to try novel and unconventional ideas and launch frequent experiments to the YouTube user base. You will have a chance to get immediate feedback on user interface, human interaction design, and interest. You will be working with a variety of languages during the development process.Responsibilities:Build the next generation game-console-based TV experience with YouTube video content.Deliver a compelling lean back experience with monetization and e-commerce offerings (ie, pay-per-stream, ads).Integrate and optimize with distribution channels and devices including all major game platforms.Develop leading edge User Interfaces and delight users with innovative media rich solutions.The game consoles Google is targeting for development include the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the Wii. Besides experience with these consoles, candidates that apply are required to have experience with engine development on at least one major platform and should be credited on at least one published video game in a programmer role.While current YouTube interfaces exist for the Wii and the PS3, the company clearly believes it can do better.Read more at Google and Joystiqlast_img read more

Google pays 125 billion for Motorola Mobility

first_imgSometimes you wake up to find some rather unexpected news has been announced, and today that’s most definitely the case.Google has acquired Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. That’s around a 63% premium on the share price. With such a premium in place it’s not surprising it was accepted unanimously by shareholders who will walk away quite rich in these otherwise very poor market conditions.Motorola’s mobile division has made a clear shift to Android phones of late and produced a number of popular handsets carrying the Droid name. If there was any mobile company that fitted well with Google it was Motorola in recent years. In fact, Larry Page pointed to Motorola’s “total commitment to Android” as a key reason this acquisition came about.As for Google’s plans now it owns a phone hardware company, it has been restated that the focus is still on keeping Android as an open system. There’s no word yet on plans for new hardware, but that’s sure to be inevitable in time.As far as Motorola Mobility is concerned, for the moment they intend to just carry on as normal while the inevitable regulatory checks are done allowing the deal to be finalized hopefully no later than early next year. In the long term Google has stated the company will remain a separate business.More at Google, via TechCrunchMatthew’s OpinionThat’s a lot of money to spend, but Google clearly sees good reason in doing so. Is it the hardware expertise, the patents the company holds, or the established channels and partners Motorola has that attracted Google? I’d say it was all of them combined and the opportunities this affords Google to really stamp its authority in the mobile space.Google has effectively just got into the hardware game through the back door by purchasing a company that is already producing very good results running Android on smartphones. It has also taken its first steps in the tablet market too which is surely now going to be an even bigger, and well-financed focus for the company.Which other mobile company focused on Android is doing a better job for Google right now? HTC possibly, but there seems to be more commitment to Android from Motorola. Also, what does this mean for the lawsuits Apple is currently pursuing regarding the use of Android. Does Motorola own the right patents to force such lawsuits to disappear? I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough, and there’s bound to be something of use to Google in the 24,500 patents Motorola Mobility currently has granted or pending.last_img read more

Seaweed could give lithiumion batteries a green power boost

first_imgSeaweed isn’t just good for wrapping delectable pieces of rice-padded fish; it’s also the missing ingredient researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Clemson University have been looking for in order to make lithium-ion batteries more efficient.According to a paper published in the latest issue of Science, the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries found in many of today’s gadgets, may be improved thanks to the living cells from alginate, a material that’s extracted from the common and quick-growing brown algae. Currently, lithium-ion batteries include a non-active binder that’s crucial to the battery’s stability. The polymer binder is mixed with an electroactive graphite powder and the mixture is then spread on the metal foil that collects an electrical current when dried.The researchers found that if silicon particles are used as the base of the electroactive powder instead of graphite, the battery can hold more ions. However, the silicon-based binder seems to crack as the particles swell up to 4x their original size while the battery is charged. The researchers found that the solution to this problem is to use the algae-based binder that won’t crack as the anode swells like the silicon version. This allows a silicon anode to be used with the alginate binder.Since seawater has such a high concentration of ions, researchers thought it might be the perfect natural binder. After some tests, they found that the alginate from the brown algae did in fact prove to be an effective binder for the silicon anode. The alginate can be extracted by boiling the kelp in soda water.  This left the researchers with a battery that’s overall less expensive, can store more energy, and can last longer without having to use any of the toxic chemicals currently used in the battery’s manufacture. Alginate can be dissolved in water, which means you can manufacture it in a cleaner way than the current process.Gleb Yushin, an assistant professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Materials Science and Engineering, said making less expensive batteries that can store more energy and last longer, thanks to the alginate, could “provide a large and long-lasting impact on the community.”Of course, all this might be academic if the new, safe jelly-like polymer gel batteries turn out to be a suitable replacement for rigid lithium-ion units.via MIT Technology Review and Georgia Techlast_img read more

Adobe previews incredible Photoshop unblur image feature

first_imgEvery year Adobe holds the MAX conference where it shows off the company’s latest products and what the future holds. This year, one of the sneak peeks shown off could make blurred photos a thing of the past–even after you’ve captured them with your camera of choice.We’ve all seen anti-blur features added to digital cameras in recent years, but they can’t always remove the blur from a shaky-hand capture. Adobe may have the answer though, in the form of a new unblur feature that looks to be heading to Photoshop.As the video below demonstrates, Adobe has come up with a new algorithm that can analyze a blurred image and figure out how to correct it. It can handle all types of scenes and even sorts out fuzzy text making it readable again.Although just an early prototype, it looks as though the system is a three-step process. First you load some predefined parameters that suit the image type, then you analyze the blurred image, and finally you hit a button and the image magically unblurs.The technique used is thought to be blind deconvolution, which aims to progressively improve the image by iterating over it many times and using a point spread function. That’s why the analyze step is required in order to perform such processing. Interestingly, this same technique can use multiple images as a source, suggesting Photoshop could add such an option to this unblur feature.This is just a very early version of the new feature, and we fully expect Adobe to remove the predefined parameters step before it gets added to a future version of Photoshop. But other than that, it already looks ready to go and is sure to be a new killer-feature for Adobe’s graphics editing application.via TNW and HNlast_img read more

Flow for iPhone is the product ID app we have been waiting

first_imgIf you’ve ever played with Google Shopper, you’ll know that the GOOG has done a nice job with the app. It both skips the need for barcodes and lets users identify products by simply pointing their phone’s camera at their cover. Amazon has just released an app that does the same thing, only it’s exclusively tied to Amazon’s online store. The app recognizes products just as well as Shopper, and is generally smoother, quicker, and more attractive.With Flow, simply point your phone’s camera at the cover of any product, and it will be identified. Not only did it work flawlessly in our limited testing, it throws in the bonus of working quickly (at least on the speedy iPhone 4S that we tested it on).On pointing your iPhone’s camera at something, you will see a series of points on the display that indicate the image data that is being used to identify the product. That data is sent to Amazon’s servers and compared against a database.At this point, most similar apps (including Shopper) first boot you out of the camera view and into a separate screen with product details. Flow handles this much more seamlessly. After identifying the product, its information is immediately placed on the display, creating an augmented reality view. This allows you to quickly move from one product to another. You know, it flows.The information it returns is, of course, all connected to Amazon. Price, shipping, and (where applicable) trailers can all be viewed directly from the heads-up display. Those who like to do free advertising for Amazon can also share the product via email, Twitter, or Facebook. You can also “Buy Now” directly from the camera screen.If you want more info on the product, you can simply click on the the pop-up info to be taken to a more detailed page, which is essentially a reskinned version of what you would see in the standard Amazon mobile app. Here, you can see more product details, customer reviews, pictures, and other buying options.Your history of scanned products is presented in a “cover flow”-like format that lives at the bottom of the main augmented reality screen. It appears to be using the same UI as Amazon’s upcoming Kindle Fire, and it makes for easy access to all of your recent scans.If you do much of your online shopping at Amazon, then you will want to get this app right now. It’s easily one of the most useful and attractive augmented reality apps we have seen. Right now, it’s only available for iOS, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see an Android version soon.Flow in the App Store, more at Amazon A9last_img read more

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes revealed

first_imgIn June last year Hideo Kojima gave the first details of his new game engine named Fox, which is covered in the video above. In fact, most of his time was being spent working on the engine rather than a game last year. However, the footage does show something that looked very much like a Metal Gear Solid £17.97 at Amazon environment, and it turns out there was a good reason for that.Just over a year on and Kojima has used the 25th Anniversary Metal Gear Solid event to announce a new MGS game. This one is called Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, and it has been developed using the Fox Engine.No footage of the demo given has appeared yet, but attendees were suitably impressed with what they saw. The footage was rendered in real-time using a current-gen PC and showed off Snake riding in a jeep, calling in a helicopter for an airlift, crawling around and avoiding search lights, and of course taking out a guard. I’m guessing it looked suitably next-gen too, and will hopefully push the PS3 and Xbox 360 to their maximum.Ground Zeroes is thought to be an open world game, suggesting this is a MGS title on a much larger scale than what has gone before. And it seems the Fox engine is what has made that possible.The other good news about Fox is it has been developed from the ground up to be multi-platform, meaning unless Kojima Productions signs an exclusivity deal, Ground Zeroes should appear across PS3, Xbox 360, and hopefully PC on the same release day.via Eurogamer.netlast_img read more

Windows Blue to be called Windows 81 official this summer

first_imgWith all the leaks surrounding Microsoft’s next Windows update, which we’re told is not to be called a Service Pack, it was only a matter of time before Microsoft officially labeled it. Instead of sticking with Blue, Microsoft is going with Windows 8.1.If you take a look at how Microsoft has handled updates in the past, there’s a lot to assume about the leaks we’ve seen in Windows Blue. There’s a dozen small UI changes in Blue that will make it easier overall for users, but just about all of the functionality remains intact. Microsoft says they aren’t doing Service Pack style releases anymore, so what do we call this new bit of software? It looks like Windows is opting for more traditional fare and sticking with a point based update system, making this Windows 8.1. Apparently, if you’re going to the Microsoft BUILD conference, you’ll be taking a look at 8.1 on stage.Windows 8.1 demonstrates exactly what we were promised with Windows 8, which is a dedication to rapid software releases. Instead of waiting years for UI and usability updates in the next version of Windows, Microsoft is going to be pushing yearly updates to their operating systems. This is a pretty good deal for everyone, as it puts Microsoft in line with their mobile strategy. After the dismal failure that was Windows Phone 7 got quickly stuffed in the trash for Windows Phone 8, there’s no telling exactly how these rapid updates will affect users. Yearly software updates are almost a requirement now, as the consumer market shifts to allow for tablet computers as the default on shelves of electronics stores.Are we about to start paying for a new kind of Service Pack? Microsoft will likely make the details surrounding how we will get Windows 8.1 known at BUILD. Considering how low Microsoft had to make the price for Windows 8 to convince us to upgrade, it is hard to imagine paying much if anything at all for Windows 8.1. We’ll see what Microsoft has for us in June.last_img read more

How in Gods name could that be called a comprehensive analysis Garda

first_img By Sean Murray 23 Comments ‘How in God’s name could that be called a comprehensive analysis?’: Garda homicide figures probed Figures from An Garda Síochána were before the Oireachtas Justice Committee today. Wednesday 14 Feb 2018, 12:34 PM 18,365 Views Michael Finn (left) with Gurchand Singh Feb 14th 2018, 12:34 PM center_img SENIOR FIGURES FROM An Garda Síochána appeared before the Oireachtas Justice Committee today and said that it will take at least six months for its analysts to review its homicide figures.The head of its analysis service said today that he could not sign off on an internal garda review of the figures because of the discrepancies he found almost a year ago.The Policing Authority, and Minister for Justice, have already expressed frustration over the gardaí’s approach to the figures.In April last year, An Garda Síochána said it had completed a review of 41 deaths and identified “minor” classification issues, but stressed that each one had been properly investigated. It later told the Policing Authority that a total of 89 homicides over a 14-year period were not counted due to an issue with the way they were recorded on the Pulse database.Speakers today – in place of Acting Commissioner Dónal Ó Cualáin who was attending the funeral of Superintendent Colm Fox – included assistant commissioner Michael Finn and Gurchand Singh, the head of the gardaí’s analysis service.ReviewsThe assistant commissioner began by saying that any death “must be investigated fully and professionally so that families can be given answers”.Finn said that An Garda Síochána discovered the figures after ordering a review of domestic violence trends, including homicides, in July 2016.The analysis division compared cases based on reports from the State Pathologist and their entries on Pulse.In some cases, the pathologist’s report would record a case as a homicide but the Pulse entry would label it as merely an assault.Singh was asked about the later clarification in the number of cases that were suspect between April and September 2017.He said: “I still had concerns [about the April report].I still couldn’t square how an incidence was classified how it was. I’d look at an instance where there was an injured person who was later deceased, the offence was down as an assault causing harm. We had ‘sudden deaths’ [listed as such on Pulse] that looked like that we were treating as homicides.Singh said that some of the classifications “contradicted our crime counting rules”.It was emphasised that these cases may have been investigated as homicides, and charges may have been brought against people, but the Pulse record did not change and as such could not be counted as part of official statistics.When it was put to him by Clare Daly that such incidents couldn’t be classed as “minor”, Finn agreed.He said: “We fully accept the review process could have been done quicker…. Given the seriousness of the crimes involved, it is important it is thorough, detailed and robust.”Take some timeOn the back of these discrepancies found, the CSO was unable to compile its crime statistics and the gardaí ordered a more comprehensive review of its crime stats in this regard.When queries by how long this would take, Singh said it would take considerable time.“In terms of purely the classification side of it, it’s not going to be a quick process,” he said. “We’re not talking about weeks, we’re talking five or six months.”Finn said that beyond simply classifying the crimes, any issues where discrepancies were found may require a reexamination of the investigation file.“There are aspects we can do quickly,” he said, referencing discrepancies in road traffic collision stats. Cases of murder and manslaughter may take more time, Finn added.Clare Daly put it to Finn that Singh’s analysis of the cases didn’t include looking at the actual investigation files.“How in God’s name could that be called a comprehensive analysis?” she asked, adding that Singh had raised concerns about the figures as far back as November 2016, barely a few months into the analysis of the figures.Read: Policing Authority ‘frustrated’ with delay in garda review of unrecorded homicidesRead: Justice Minister is ‘extremely concerned’ at reports that homicides weren’t properly investigated Image: Oireachtas TV Share57 Tweet Email1 Michael Finn (left) with Gurchand Singh Image: Oireachtas TV Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Heaslip was often underappreciated but his professionalism set new standards

first_img 54 Comments Share159 Tweet Email5 By Murray Kinsella Heaslip was often under-appreciated but his professionalism set new standards The 34-year-old confirmed his retirement from the game after a superb career. Feb 26th 2018, 12:28 PM ALTHOUGH JAMIE HEASLIP’S biggest impact came on the pitch, his legacy in Irish rugby continues to be felt off it even after his retirement. Heaslip’s consistency on the pitch was unmatched. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOIt’s been notable that many of the messages of congratulations for the former Ireland number eight have included mention of the Kildare native’s professionalism – perhaps Heaslip’s key attribute in a career that has unfortunately been cut short.Whether it was sleeping in an altitude tent for the entirety of his pre-seasons, his magic box of tera bands, foam rollers and other myofascial-release tools or a slavish dedication to perfecting his nutrition, Heaslip was so often ahead of the game.Every professional sportsperson focuses on the 1% gains away from game day, but Heaslip took care of each 0.1%.Though the ex-Leinster back row once told us that DNA testing informed him he “wasn’t too far off being a neanderthal,” the durability that drove him until this enforced end was largely built on Heaslip’s own attention to detail. His team-mates were and will continue to be inspired by it.It is jarring that injury is how it finishes for Heaslip, his last game having come in last year’s Six Nations defeat to Wales in Cardiff. Having had so much success with Ireland, it’s a shame too that the back row couldn’t bow out with a win or at least with a chance to bid rugby supporters farewell as he left the field.Three Heineken Cups, three Pro 12 titles and a Challenge Cup with Leinster. 95 Caps for Ireland, two Triple Crowns, three Six Nations titles and the 2009 Grand Slam. Two Lions tours, including five Test caps.By any measure, it’s been an astonishingly successful career for Heaslip. And the fact that he contributed so centrally to every single one of those successes means he can hang his boots up with satisfaction. Heaslip with Ian McGeechan at a Trinity College training session in 2002. Source: INPHOHeaslip was a deeply intelligent player and having initially burst onto the scene as a dynamic ball-carrying power, he refined the more subtle skills in his game to become truly complete in his later years.The master of the unglamorous stuff, Heaslip was often under-appreciated as his role for Leinster and Ireland shifted away from being a linebreaking carrier to a player who so often facilitated others looking good.From key defensive breakdown interventions to his savvy distraction of opposition defenders with his ruck work and decoys, and perceptive support lines to concise and clear communication, Heaslip was so good at the little things that make a big difference.His set-piece skills at lineout and maul were, again, unfussily effective and while he may not have beaten as many tackles in the later part of his career, his pre-contact footwork was always excellent.There were so many memorable moments – a brilliant try against France in the 2009 Grand Slam run, a powerful score in the Heineken Cup final that same year, a sensational scoring pass and block for Johnny Sexton’s try during the 2011 Heineken Cup final comeback, his try-saving tackle on Stuart Hogg in Ireland’s 2015 Six Nations success.Those were huge plays in huge games, but there were so many more subtle ones that had equally important effects.The 2016 World Rugby try of the year has a place on Heaslip’s CV too, when his ruck work and then a delightfully clever pre-emptive support line straight up the pitch allowed him to finish a glorious Irish attack against Italy. Heaslip enjoyed two Lions tours. Source: Billy Stickland/INPHOSome might argue that Heaslip doesn’t belong in the same bracket as the likes of Brian O’Driscoll, Mike Gibson and Paul O’Connell as a true great of Irish rugby, but then that just sums up how Heaslip’s impact has sometimes been under-appreciated.He is more than deserving of such a status having achieved what he has for Leinster and Ireland, and having been such an incredibly consistent performer.When coaches as good as Michael Cheika, Joe Schmidt, Ian McGeechan and Warren Gatland all rate you, there’s some assurance that you’re among the very best.Heaslip’s relationship with the media was difficult at times but then he owes those who write about, analyse and discuss the game nothing, in truth.And while some journalists might have had issues with him, his dealings with Leinster and Ireland rugby fans always seemed to be positive.It will be fascinating to see if Heaslip ventures into rugby media now – he has plenty of other avenues to pursue, of course – because his intellect and understanding of the game would make him a compelling addition to the field.While other players like James Haskell have made a far greater show of being active in building their professional lives away from rugby, Heaslip has more quietly gone about giving himself plenty of options for life post-rugby.So while it is a pity that such a durable career has been ended by injury, Heaslip’s professionalism will continue to bring him success elsewhere.The42 is on Instagram! Tap the button below on your phone to follow us! 33,734 Views Monday 26 Feb 2018, 5:08 PM Follow us: Short URL Jamie Heaslip announces his retirement with immediate effect‘With the Ireland U18s, I was eight tries in five games, so I’m dropping off now!’ Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

From the All Ireland Final to Chewbacca Mom here are the most

first_img Dec 8th 2016, 1:01 PM 8,979 Views From the All Ireland Final to Chewbacca Mom – here are the most talked about things on Facebook this year From elections to David Bowie, it has been a busy year for Facebook. Chewbacca Mom. Share8 Tweet Email THE UNITED STATES general election was the most talked about thing on Facebook in Ireland and the rest of the world in 2016.The election topped the list for Facebook mentions throughout the year, highlighting just how many people felt the result would impact their lives.Data released today shows off the most talked about things on Facebook both in Ireland and around the world so far this year.In Ireland, our own general election came second place in most talked about moments this year.The fact that the Irish general election was early in the year (February) compared to the US election in November means that the online interest wouldn’t have been sustained throughout the year.Brexit, David Bowie, the Easter Rising and GAA All-Ireland Final all made the top 10 in mentions for Ireland this year.The full list for Ireland is below:US Presidential ElectionIrish General ElectionBrexitOlympicsUEFA Euro 2016David BowieEaster RisingGAA All-Ireland Final 2016Rose of TraleeSix Nations ChampionshipIn terms of events that generated the most global interest, Pokemon Go, the Black Lives Matter movement, Brexit and the Super Bowl all feature in the top 10 list.The full list of the most talked about items on Facebook around the world is:US ElectionsBrazilian PoliticsPokemon GoBlack Lives MatterRodrigo DuterteOlympicsBrexitSuper BowlDavid BowieMuhammed AliThe lists are created by measuring how frequently a topic was mentioned in Facebook posts made between 1 January and 27 November, 2016.Mentions are analysed in an aggregated, anonymised way and then ranked in terms of popularity.Facebook also released its most popular Facebook Live videos of the year in Ireland and the rest of the world.In Ireland, a video of traditional Irish dancers the Byrne brothers dancing in Eyre Square in Galway was the most popular Facebook Live, garnering three million views and  75,000 likes.Globally, the most popular video was Chewbacca Mom from Candace Payne, which had 162 million views and 2.9 million shares.Read: Did Pope Francis really endorse Trump? Pressure grows on Facebook and Google to reduce fake newsRead: An open letter to Mark Zuckerberg from the world’s fact-checkers (including Image: Facebook Thursday 8 Dec 2016, 1:01 PMcenter_img Chewbacca Mom. Image: Facebook 10 Comments By Cormac Fitzgerald Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Tennis great Nastase investigated for racial slur about Serenas unborn child

first_img 38,686 Views Apr 22nd 2017, 12:46 PM Tennis great Nastase investigated for ‘racial slur’ about Serena’s unborn child ITF investigating remarks allegedly made by the two-time Grand Slam winner. Nastase: argument with tennis journalist on Saturday (file photo). By AFP Source: Eleanor Crooks/Twitter Share Tweet Email1 Nastase: argument with tennis journalist on Saturday (file photo). Short URL 47 Comments ROMANIAN TENNIS GREAT Ilie Nastase is subject of an investigation by the International Tennis Federation over an alleged racist remark about Serena Williams’ pregnancy.Nastase, who is Romania’s Fed Cup captain, was heard to say to a member of the team at Friday’s press conference ahead of a tie with Britain: “Let’s see what colour it has. Chocolate with milk?”“The ITF does not tolerate discriminatory and offensive language and behaviour of any kind,” an ITF spokesman told the BBC.“We are aware of alleged comments made by Romanian captain Ilie Nastase and have begun an immediate investigation so that we have the full facts of the situation before taking further and appropriate action.”The reporting of the remark prompted the 70-year-old former world number one on Saturday to burst into the press centre at Constanta and lambast the Press Association’s tennis correspondent for she said two to three minutes.“Why did you write that? You’re stupid, you’re stupid,” he said to her.Britain’s Press Association said his tirade has also been passed on to the ITF. Incidentally I get that he doesn’t see why he did anything wrong but in this day and age I don’t think there’s any excuse— Eleanor Crooks (@EleanorcrooksPA) April 22, 2017 Nastase, who won two Grand Slam titles at the 1972 US Open and 1973 French Open, has previous history with Williams.In late March he made unsubstantiated allegations about her doping record.Nastase, who had a reputation as a playboy during and after his playing career, also made a number of inappropriate remarks to Britain captain Anne Keothavong ahead of the weekend tie between the two countries.He asked for her room number during the official dinner on Thursday and then repeated the request when the captains posed together for photographs following Friday’s draw while putting his arm tightly around Keothavong’s shoulder.Williams, one of the greatest players of all time, revealed on Wednesday that she is expecting her first baby but intends to return to the WTA circuit in 2018.Williams is due to give birth in September, the same month she turns 36.– © AFP 2017  The42 is on Instagram! Tap the button below on your phone to follow us! Follow us: Saturday 22 Apr 2017, 12:46 PM Source: Eleanor Crooks/Twitter Seems Nastase’s job could be on the line. He’s just come into the press room and repeatedly called me stupid— Eleanor Crooks (@EleanorcrooksPA) April 22, 2017 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Large increase in the number of race hate crimes in Ireland

first_imgLarge increase in the number of race hate crimes in Ireland Anti racism activists said that they are deeply worried by the increase in racist incidents. Image: Tuesday 21 Mar 2017, 7:29 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 19,117 Views Mar 21st 2017, 7:29 AM THERE HAS BEEN a surge in the number of people reporting that they were the victims of racist abuse and threats, according to latest data.The figures, compiled by European Network Against Racism Ireland (ENAR Ireland), “represent a much higher level of reporting than the previous six-month period, and a significantly higher level than all previously recorded periods” according to report author Dr Lucy Michael of Ulster University.The report also charted increased levels of racist criminal offences including violence, and threats to kill or cause serious injury.The report was made by Dr Michael from the information on racist incidents submitted to the racist incident reporting website. The data revealed the highest levels yet of incident reporting, up to 246 from 190 for the previous period, with at least 155 of these being in the category of criminal offences.Michael’s study showed that continuing low levels of confidence in gardaí among victims. She wrote: “The high number of reports that indicate that the incidents are part of an ongoing pattern of racism, particularly those which have escalated to violence over a period of time, demonstrate that garda efforts to tackle racism before it escalates needs to improve.”‘Trump effect’Shane O’Curry, director of ENAR Ireland said the report clearly shows that Ireland is not immune to the Brexit and Trump effects.“When racist violence and dehumanising attitudes against minorities are not treated seriously, hate speech from overseas finds fertile ground in Ireland,” he said. By Garreth MacNameecenter_img Image: 71 Comments The result is an alarming growth in racist hate crimes in this period in the short and medium term. The longer term damage is untold.“As currently configured, the State in Ireland lacks the tools and resources it needs to combat racism and to provide equally for all who live here without fear or favour” said OCurry “It is not fit-for-purpose in terms of catering for the diverse society which we live in. We need to be proactive in confronting racism. It is not good enough to blame minorities for the failure of society to integrate them when such high levels of racism are allowed to fester unchecked.”Read: Martin McGuinness has died at the age of 66 >Read: Should airsoft guns like this be painted pink or orange to stop them being used for crime? > Share280 Tweet Email4 Short URLlast_img read more

He was a brilliant person we really miss him Deely family say

first_img Apr 8th 2017, 7:00 AM Short URL ‘He was a brilliant person, we really miss him’: Deely family say they haven’t given up hope Gardaí have released enhanced CCTV images in the hope that someone will come forward to help give Trevor’s family some answers. Saturday 8 Apr 2017, 7:00 AM By Michelle Hennessy 10 Comments Share5 Tweet Email Source: GardaPressOffice/YouTubeENHANCED CCTV FOOTAGE has given the Deely family fresh hope more than 16 years on that they may finally find out what happened to their son and brother Trevor.The footage, recently enhanced by a UK company, was released by gardaí yesterday, with a new appeal focusing on a man seen talking to – and then possibly following – the 22-year-old man on the morning he disappeared in December 2000. Sister Michelle, father Michael, sister Pamela and brother Mark Deely on Haddington road doing a leaflet drop with members of An Garda Siochana Source: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ieTrevor’s brother Mark Deely said yesterday he was “delighted” with the new footage as it confirms that it definitely is their brother in those CCTV images the nation has been seeing for 16 years.“We always felt it was – you go on people’s gait, but we know now.”“The footage, it was very grainy, it was very hard to make out whether there was contact whether there was verbal conversations between certain individuals or exactly what happened.“There is no doubt that while in the new footage we may not be able to visually identify somebody I think it’s much clearer, you get a much better sense of what happened in that 34 mins, 35 mins and indeed in that night as a whole.” Members of An Garda Siochana hand out leaflets for seeking information on missing Trevor Deely. Source: Sam BoalIn conversation with, Mark and his sister Pamela spoke fondly of their brother.“He was a young guy starting out in his career, he was just turned 22, he was only finding his own feet but he was the same as every other 22-year-old,” Mark said. He said friends and colleagues would all say the same about him – “there is no badness to Trevor”.“He was happy-go-lucky, he was a brilliant person. We really miss him,” Pamela added.Mark said the fact that the name Trevor Deely is now so widely known is a comfort to his family. “It means we still have a realistic chance of finding out what happened and where he is.”“I know time has moved on an awful lot, but Ireland is still a small country and people talk. People may overhear a conversation somewhere and maybe,” he said.“Somebody knows something and that person is somewhere. Maybe eventually something will give.”People are probably sick of us and sick of hearing about it, but we need their help as much as we did back in January 2001.If the man featured in the footage, anyone who knows him or any person has information about Trevor’s disappearance wants to come forward, you can do so anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 1800 25 00 25. Read: Do you know this man? Footage shows last known movements of missing Trevor Deely> 15,970 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Twins given medals for saving grandmothers life after she suffered seizure

first_img Mar 8th 2019, 7:39 PM Share250 Tweet Email3 Friday 8 Mar 2019, 7:39 PM Twins given medals for saving grandmother’s life after she suffered seizure Sean O’Sullivan woke at 6am and couldn’t rouse his granny Ruth. 18 Comments Short URL By Olivia Kelleher Cork University Hospital Source: GoogleMapsTWO FOUR-YEAR-old twins who prevented their grandmother from suffering brain damage or death after she suffered a seizure were presented with bravery medals at their playschool in Clonakilty, West Cork today.On 25 February, Sean O’Sullivan and his little sister Emma were being minded overnight by their grandmother, Ruth Clarke, as their parents May and Brian had gone to Tralee for a concert. Sean woke at 6am and couldn’t rouse his granny Ruth. The pensioner had taught him how to play games on her phone so he went to her device and started pressing buttons. He managed to get through to his grandfather, Stephen Clarke, who was at home nearby.  Mr Clarke rushed to the scene and attempted to get in to the house. Stephen said Sean was too short to reach the latch. However, he got his tricycle, climbed on top of it and let his grandfather in. Ruth (69) was rushed to hospital where she spent two days in a coma.Doctors didn’t find anything amiss in tests and put her sudden collapse down to ageing epilepsy or an electrical malfunction in the brain. She is since on the mend.Mr Clarke said he was amazed that Sean had the presence of mind to get on top of the tricycle to let him in. “He is only four. A very bright kid. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know if she was dead,” he said. “It was a terrible ordeal because you never know what the outcome is going to be. Fortunately the outcome is fantastic”. ‘He saved my life’Ruth said her last memory prior to waking up in intensive care in Cork University Hospital was of texting her grandson at 1am. “I can’t believe that Sean did what he did. He saved my life. He called his Mummy and said ‘Nanny is not waking up’ and he called his granddad. He got me help”. Sean also managed to get through to his mother, May O’Sullivan, on the phone. She said he kept screaming “I can’t wake Nanny. I can’t wake Nanny”. She said she was terrified at the idea of her two small children being in the house with her mother given that she was afraid she had died. She is astonished that Sean and Emma managed to raise the alarm. Sean stuck crisps in Ruth’s mouth and eyes in a bid to wake her and Emma then removed the crisps from her face when it didn’t work.May O’Sullivan said she could never thank Sean and Emma enough for what they had done for her mother. “I was certain my Mum had passed. One of the things the doctors said to us that she would possibly have been brain damaged. How do you thank a little four-year-old for having the sense to pick up a phone? Sean is going to get a big birthday present this year from everybody”. May admits to being emotional about the fact that her children managed to save the life of her mother.“It is a little four-year-old who had the presence of mind to understand that it is an emergency. That nanny is not just doing a good sleep. There is something wrong. He picked up a cell phone.  Luckily he got through to his grandfather at first”. Mayor of Clonakility, Gretta O’Donovan, was on hand at Naiscoil Chloch na gCoillte this morning for the medal presentation. She described the two young children as amazing role models for all young people.“How many of us at four years of age would have the presence of mind to call for help by telephone? Because of his Sean’s quick reaction to the impending loss of his nana he was able to get her the help she needed. In fact truth be told how many of us at fourteen or twenty four would have had the presence of mind to do this?” 20,056 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Education minister on school patronage changes Just to be clear Christmas will

first_img MINISTER FOR EDUCATION Joe McHugh has issued a statement this evening in response to what he characterised as “misinformation” around surveys on attitudes towards a possible change to the patronage of schools, and said “Christmas will not be cancelled”.McHugh made the comments after it was reported that one of two schools opposed to having their patronage transferred to multi-denominational schools claimed that Christmas fairs, carol services and nativity plays would no longer be held after a school is transferred.Furthermore, it was claimed that St. Patrick’s Day, St. Brigid’s Day and Easter would no longer be celebrated in schools either, the Irish Independent reported.The change in patronage would affect at least two schools in the Portmarnock-Malahide-Kinsealy area of Dublin, and staff at Scoil an Duinnínigh and St Marnock’s NS are opposed to any changes, the Independent reported.The divestment process forms part of the Department of Education’s efforts to provide greater diversity in schools and reduce the dominance of the Catholic Church in education.In a statement yesterday, Educate Together described this characterisation of multi-denominational and equality-based schools as “incorrect and misleading”. Source: Joe McHugh/TwitterMcHugh said this evening that the sharing of inaccurate information about what happens when the patron of a school is changed has created “fear and uncertainty”. “School authorities have a duty to share accurate and appropriate information,” he said. Education minister on school patronage changes: ‘Just to be clear – Christmas will not be cancelled’ It was claimed that Christmas celebrations in schools could be curtailed where patronage was switched to multi-denominational. Wednesday 3 Apr 2019, 9:43 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 16,962 Views Minister Joe McHugh Image: Brian Lawless/PA Images Just to be clear – Christmas will not be cancelled. Neither will any other typical school holiday like Easter or St Patrick’s Day. Pancake Tuesday will not be banned. Nor will holidays or celebrations associated with the ancient Celtic/pagan festival of Halloween.He said that the department assessing areas for new patrons “is not about forcing change”. McHugh added: “No decisions or reconfiguration will be required in September. I am appealing directly to schools, management bodies and boards of management not to issue claims that have no basis in fact.”With reporting from Cónal Thomas Apr 3rd 2019, 9:43 PM Image: Brian Lawless/PA Images By Sean Murray 67 Comments Short URL Share94 Tweet Email1 Minister Joe McHugh last_img read more

The 9 at 9 Tuesday

first_img No Comments 10,129 Views Tuesday 16 Apr 2019, 9:03 AM Apr 16th 2019, 8:06 AM Updated Apr 16th 2019, 9:03 AM EVERY MORNING, brings you the stories you need to know as you wake up.1. #NOTRE DAME: A devastating fire at Notre Dame in Paris has been brought under control as President Emmanuel Macron vows to rebuild the cathedral.2. #FAI: Minister Shane Ross and Sport Ireland are to appear before an Oireachtas committee today to discuss the FAI.3. #PELOSI: US Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi is beginning a two-day fact-finding trip to Ireland today with Brexit set to be on the agenda.4. #PROTECTED DISCLOSURES: The Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors conference opened yesterday afternoon amidst a major controversy.5. #EUROPEAN ELECTIONS: There are 59 candidates vying for 13 MEP seats across three constituencies in the European Elections next month. 6. #GREEN SHOOTS: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said he has no objection to the prospect of Irish farmers diversifying and growing cannabis in the future. 7. #JERUSALEM: Firefighters in Jerusalem extinguished a blaze at the Al-Aqsa Mosque – the third holiest site in Islam – at the same time as the significant fire at Notre Dame in Paris.8. #MUELLER REPORT: The US Department of Justice is set to release a redacted report on the Mueller investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election.9. #ROADS: A man in his early 20s was killed in a road crash on the N24 in Cahir, Co Tipperary last night.On the go? You can now listen to the 9 at 9 as an audio bulletin from, supported by Volkswagen. Get started by hitting the button below. Image: Shutterstock The 9 at 9: Tuesday Here’s all the news you need to know this Tuesday morning.center_img Get the 9 at 9 News audio Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article By Rónán Duffy Short URL Image: Shutterstock Share1 Tweet Email last_img read more

Bittersweet victory for Labor stalwart

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Lee Tarlamis may have been elected to parliament for the first time, but for the Labor electorate officer turned politician, it’s not all smiles. It is difficult when we’ve lost government, but I’ve won a seat.“It is difficult when we’ve lost government, but I’ve won a seat,” he told Neos Kosmos. Despite an overall swing against the Labor party of around 6 per cent, Mr Tarlamis has managed to hold on to the party’s third spot in the upper house in the South Eastern Metropolitan Region. But he said Saturday night, election night, was a long night in Melbourne’s south east. “In my region, when it was clear we’d lost Mordialloc, Frankston, Carrum and Mount Waverly, you start to think, ‘gee, are there enough votes out there for me?’.” The first-time candidate was joined on the night by his father, Sam, and his sister, Nola. “It was good to have them around,” he said. As voting continued and Mr Tarlamis looked poised to retain the fifth seat in the region, he said he treated the congratulations with caution. “The next day, people were ringing to say ‘congratulations’, and I said, ‘thankyou very much, but let’s just keep waiting’,” he said. And he continued to wait. On Wednesday, with 77 per cent of the votes counted, Mr Tarlamis said he started to believe he’d won the seat. But he’ll hold out until the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) makes their formal announcement. “It’s in limbo, because I can’t have any discussions about moving offices until the VEC make their announcement,” he said. Saturday was a long day of campaigning, and Mr Tarlamis said it was hard to get a feel for the mood in his region. “A lot of people seemed disengaged,” he said. But he put the decisive swing away from Labor down to the difficulty of being re-elected for a fourth consecutive term. “It’s probably not impossible, but the fact it hasn’t been done shows you how hard it is,” he said. When he hears from the VEC, Mr Tarlamis will pack up his desk in the electorate office of Daniel Andrews, the outgoing Health Minister who looks set to become Labor leader tomorrow. Mr Tarlamis said, as Labor enters opposition for the first time in more than a decade, Mr Andrews is the right person to lead the party. “I’ve known Daniel for around 20 years, and he’s someone who can really rally the troops,” he said. “He’s exactly the sort of person we need.”last_img read more

Cyprus energy and Egypt on agenda

first_imgRecent developments in the Cyprus issue, developments in the energy field, as well as Egypt, were discussed Thursday at a meeting held in Athens between President of Cyprus Demetris Christofias and Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou. The two sides reaffirmed their close cooperation in the Cyprus issue and in the field of energy, noting that they coordinate their policy and their initiatives. In statements after the meeting, President Christofias stressed Athens’ firm support to Cyprus, saying that he informed the Greek Prime Minister about the recent meeting which took place in Geneva between himself, UN Secretary General Ban Ki – moon and the Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu. The Greek Prime Minister described the meeting with Christofias as “crucial” and expressed hope that the Turkish-Cypriot side will “finally respond to his well-known proposals for an honest and mutual compromise, in the framework of a negotiation without pressing deadlines and arbitration”. Papandreou and Christofias went on to note that the burden to prove a good will for a political settlement in Cyprus lies on Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side. They called on Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots to display a constructive stance and refrain from putting forward issues that are not part of the Cyprus reunification process, relevant UN resolutions and the agreements reached between the leaders of the two communities on Cyprus. Following a meeting in Athens, Prime Minister George Papandreou and Cypriot President Demetris Christofias have suggested that the two countries could cooperate on the exploitation of what are thought to be substantial reserves of natural gas. “Greece and Cyprus have converging interests, including in the energy sector,” Papandreou said. “As in all matters, we are coordinating closely on the issue of delineating sea zones. “A lot is being written about what there is underground but we will have to wait for more details on this and any developments will follow the process that has been set up between Greece and Cyprus.” However, Turkey objects to Nicosia exploring in Cyprus’s 51,000-square kilometre exclusive economic zone (EEZ), which lies south of the island. Commenting on recent developments in Egypt, President Christofias said that “they affect us all” and expressed the wish for a positive outcome for the sake of peace. On the same issue, the Greek Prime Minister referred to the long- lasting relations between Greece and Egypt, noting that any changes in the neighboring country should take place with reliability and without violence. Source: AP, ANA, Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Seven Greeks standing in NSW state election

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram So far seven Greek Australian candidates will be running in the NSW state election next month.Candidates of Greek Australian heritage representing the Australia Labor Party in the March 26 elections include current sitting member for Wollondilly and Minister for Water and Corrective Services, Phillip Costa MP; current sitting member for Charlestown and Parliamentary Secretary for Housing Matthew Morris MP; candidate for Drummoyne, Angelo Tsirekas; candidate for Riverstone, Michael Vassili; candidate for Rockdale Stephen Kamper; and candidate for Campbelltown, Nick Bleasdale.John Hatzistergos MLC who is the Attorney-General, Minister for Citizenship, Minister for Regulatory Reform, Vice-President of the Executive Council, and leader of the Government in the Legislative Council, is a current sitting member of the NSW Labor Party who is not up for re-election, as he is member of the Legislative Council Sophie Cotsis.Patrice Pandeleos is a Liberal candidate running against Labor Premier Kristina Keneally for the seat of Heffron in the NSW state elections.last_img read more